Sunday, 12 October 2014

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Dear readers,
In my neck of the woods (Montreal, Canada) it's Thanksgiving! I have so many things to be grateful for. Most recently (and a big reason of why I haven't checked in lately) is because we just sold our first property! I am grateful that the process wasn't too long and arduous, and thrilled that we now have the chance to find a new place to make our home. However, I am most grateful that I was able to spend the day with family, even my cheeky brother who came in from out of town. To satisfy his sweet tooth, I knew just the recipe to pull out of my arsenal (read: Pinterest board) - Pumpkin Bark!

This simple, decadent and quick recipes are from the folks over at Minimalist Baker. The recipe is so divine, that I really didn't feel the need to change any little thing! I will make two suggestions though: one, I lined my baking sheet with aluminum foil to make "bark removal" easier and mess-free; two, after sprinkling on toppings, I pressed them in well so they were less likely to fall off.

This recipe makes a perfect dessert or hostess gift, just in time for thanksgiving! Find the recipe here, over at Minimalist Baker. Enjoy!

P.S. call me crazy, but with the red, white and green toppings, they look like Christmas bark! I think I may re-invent these with gingerbread spices for the holiday season... yum!

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  1. Super nice Canadian thanksgiving. It was really interesting post to read through. I also hosted the thanksgiving for my parents and had reserved one of the popular vintage themed party Venues in San Francisco. That was a surprise bash and turned out to be just awesome.


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